Studio109 is a project recording studio run by Jel Legg, a British music producer with the able assistance of vocal producer Julie Legg. We specialise is mixing services for independent artists on tight budgets. The studio has existed in one form or another for nearly 30 years and we both have 40 years experience of recording, writing and performing. Everything is setup to make the writing and recording process as transparent as possible - ideas in and music out! It's home to our own band OLDER so we are more than attached to it and know that it works!

Jel Legg - Music Producer

Music Producer Jel Legg at Studio 109, Ohaupo, Waikato

Jel started out his musical life as a bass player & still relishes the sound of a Rickenbacker being played hard 35 years later! He handles the engineering, programming, production, mixing & adds guitar and bass where needed.

Jel specialises in song development - he can take your idea played on a guitar or piano and not only imagine the whole production but make it a reality. He also thrives on remixing home-recordings and audio restoration.

Like 99.9% of musicians he's not famous but made up for it helping to build space satellites, the Bugatti Veyron & countless websites for Decca, EMI, Universal and Warner in London.

Julie Legg - Vocal Producer

Vocal Producer Julie Legg at Studio 109, Ohaupo, Waikato

Julie brings an experienced ear to vocals that only good singers have, and Jules is a very good singer. Whether its timing, diction or pitch she can get the best from you.

If you want harmonies to add to your sound Julie can nail them. She is also a professional voice-over artist with 25 years experience working for iconic NZ brands.

Add to this an infectious enthusiasm and love of music and life, a penchant for rustling up tasty food and you have another good reason to record with us!


We offer a wide range of services including: Audio restoration, transfer from Cassette and DCC, voice over recording and a female voice over service, vocal recording and basic mastering.

Music Production

Solo musicians: From basic layering of instruments to full productions we can take your ideas to the next level. With years of experience, a full range of instruments and a passion for production we can produce your work to demo or independent release standards.

Bands: The traditional job of a Producer or Arranger is to be an independent set of ears and can hugely help your recordings. Everyone's opinion is valid but for most music, regardless of genre, there are still rules to maximise the chance of radio airplay and bring out the best in your songs. This is where we can help.


We love musicians that believe in self-recording - it's defined our approach from day one. Often with the right gear, some well placed microphones and a neutral space to record in you can capture great results.

There's an old adage never to 'fix it in the mix' and this is essentially true but in the real world its exactly what gets done. We love to take your multi track recordings and mix them through our gear - most of the time you'll see a big improvement because we have specialist software, know the techniques, have high-quality monitoring and have the experience to bring out the best in your recordings.


Studio time: $50 per hour + GST flat rate for all services. Project estimates provided on request.