Studio109 is a private project recording studio run by Jel Legg & Julie Legg in a peaceful rural location where you can relax and get away from the hassles and distractions of urban life. We are equidistant from Hamilton, Te Awamutu and Cambridge and an easy trip down from Auckland or from other rural locations. Escape the cities, or just keep it local and avoid them; whatever your choice we are in the perfect location to get fresh air, sit outside and clear your mind, park without any hassle and breathe a little. Here its easy to forget the outside world. The only distraction is nature.


For those traveling a distance we offer affordable comfortable rooms, home-cooked meals and a spa to chill in. We host with great conversation, laughs and warmth. Music is passion and ours is an environment richly laced with it.


Gear is great, but its what we do with it that matters ... having said that our current outboard and software inventory as of 2023 includes:


Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI
This is a fantastic digital mixer with EQ, Compression and Gating on all channels and allows us to run 32 channel simultaneous recording - not that we ever need that much in one session!


Focul Alpha 80s
Very detailed, especially good for bass. The vital heart of the studio.
Alesis Monitor Ones Mk2
A reputation hard won as typical project studio monitors - a little harsh but revealing.
Kurzweil KS40A Studio Monitors
Small but perfectly formed & highly rated as representative of bookshelf speakers.


A range of compressors, gates, expanders, noise reduction, effects units, valve preamps, and guitar processors. The Presonus desk now has much of this gear per channel, plus the Digital Audio Software has them in abundance but these items still look pretty when all lit up. They get used as there is something tactile about analogue gear that digital lacks ...

Mics / Pre-amps

Neumann TLM102
For vocals.
Rode NT1 & NT1a

For vocals & acoustic instruments.
DBX 286s mic pre-amp / voice channel
Dedicated to vocals. 

Amps / Instruments

Blackstar ID Core 100
Stereo guitar amp - DI'd and Mic'd.
Line 6 LowDown LD15
Bass amp DI'd and Mic'd.
Gibson SG Tribute
Walnut - nice!
Yahama Pacifica guitar
Seriously easy to play, great tone, a wee classic work horse.
Rickenbacker 4003
A classic for that unique sound.
Dean bass guitar

Also a solid work horse.
Washburn Bass Guitar
Classic 80's bass.
No idea what brand but it's there to play!
Master Keyboard
Connected to every instrument imaginable - see software section.

Hardware Synths

Novation Rack
A classic 4-part multitimbral analogue physical modeling synth.
Waldorf Blofeld
16 part desktop multitimbral analogue physical modeling synth.
Roland SampleCell
A small box full of enough instruments to keep you happy.
Alesis Q49
5 octave control keyboard.

Computing, Recording & DAWs

Dell PCs
Dell quad core primary PC & Dell dual core secondary PC.
Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI 32-channel audio interface
All our recordings are done through this.
Sonar X3 DAW
For composition, recording, editing and mixing.
Presonus Studio One
For composition, recording, editing and mixing.
Tascam DP-24
Portable hard disc recorder.
Fostex MR-8
Portable 8 track field recorder.


iZotope Ozone 9 & 8
Mastering software with full range of EQ and dynamic processors including Tonal Control 2 and Master ReBalance.
iZotope Nectar 3 & 2
Vocal processing suite.
iZotope RX9 Elements
A range of audio repair processors including de-verb and de-click.
Sound Forge Pro 16 Suite with Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 9
For multitrack recording, editing, intelligent noise reduction processing & CD Architect for creating master CDs for pressing.
Native Instruments Kontakt 5, 4 & 3
With additional instruments including Scarabee Rickenbacker Bass (awesome!),  strummed acoustic guitar & picked guitar.
Native Instruments Battery 4
Drums synth.
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 with add-on packs
One of the best natural studio drum sounds & patterns on the market.
Dimension Pro synth
+ add on packs - a stunning collection of sounds for most genres.
Cherry Audio DCO-106 (Juno106) Virtual Synth
Having used the original hardware version this is the real-deal.
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2
With add-on kits and patterns. The heart of our productions - the realism can't be overstated.
Celemony Melodyne 5 polyphonic auto-tune
Stunning, just stunning even on chords! Saves a lot of time trying to nail pitch issues & great for saving old recordings.
De-essers, EQs, delays, reverbs, compressors, bass & guitar plugins & Abbey Road vintage tape emulators.
+ Multiple DAW software effects processors & channel strips.
Vegas Pro 16 Suite
Video editing & FX software.
Adobe Software
Full range of software including latest Premiere, After Effects & Media Encoder.


Denon double cassette deck
Digitise your old cassette recordings for cleaning up.
Marantz DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) recorder
Who remembers those?
Headphone distributions amplifiers.

Air Conditioning.
Endless coffee.